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 Do you like listening to stories?  Ever want to try to do it yourself?  You probably already do!  Storytelling is a basic form of artistic communication.  In this workshop we cover the basics of storytelling and practice by telling each other stories.  We also look at places to find stories to tell, including your own experiences.  This workshop can be presented for any age and can be presented anywhere!  One or two two-hour sessions.


Collecting Family Stories


 Every family has a storyteller in it somewhere, who remembers how families came to this country, how they lived, how they grew up, accomplishments, memories...... you can preserve these small stories of everyday life for future generations and this workshop shows you how to do it. 

One two-hour session

Read to Your Baby

 The best way to get children to become readers is to read to them!  Reading aloud to a child ready ready that child for school AND creates an intimate bond between reader and listener.  This workshop shows you how to find books to read aloud and helps you develop some read aloud skills that will make your story times more fun for everyone!  

One two-hour session

Children Studying Alphabet

I Always Wanted to Play the Harp!

Playing harp

Harps are curious instruments.  One doesn't see them too often but when a harp presents itself fingers are drawn to strings as if by magic!  (Or magnets!).  This is your chance to touch a harp, learn about their history, and even learn to play a tune all in a one and one-half hour lesson!  Maximum 10 people

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