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Weddings, Parties, and Events


Wedding Bouquet

Weddings are meant to be joyful, whatever the size or venue.  An Irish harp is a perfect instrument for an elegant, informal wedding, especially in a small church or chapel, or outdoors.   The silvery crystalline tones of the harp will add grace, and a bit of magic, to any venue, whether sacred or secular, before  and during the ceremony, during cocktails, or dinner at the reception.  My eclectic repertoire runs cheerfully from Pachelbel to O'Carolan with bits of Handel, Mozart, and even Beethoven thrown in to create an interesting musical texture.

 Parties & Social Events

 Having a party at home or in a restaurant?    Whatever the event the harp always adds a warm silvery note  to your merriment, especially around the holidays.  My Irish harp will fit in just about any corner!   The instrument always arouses curiosity, and adds to conversation, especially when I ask your guests if they'd like to give the strings a plunk!

medieval feast.png

Life Events


Life is full of different events, some happy, some sorrowful, some small, some grand.  My harp will willingly lend its voice to any rite or event to praise, congratulate, celebrate, mourn,  cheer, soothe, comfort, or encourage as needed.

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