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Stories Under the Trees --
Mercer Museum
me and tommy at rivercat.jpeg
With a Friend at the River Cat Cafe, New Hope for 
NHS Library  presents Stories on the Go
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Stories in Ferry Walk Park --
Free Library of New Hope & Solebury

Time to put on my librarian hat!

     Public libraries have always had hosted story programs for children, and occasionally grown-ups, as a way to encourage children to read.  It does work.  The more books you read to a kid, the more  the kid sees YOU reading, the more a child is exposed to books, the more likely the kid in questions will be a reader.   Many libraries in the past even sent librarians to schools, pre-schools and nursery schools to do story programs on-site.  However, in the last several years states have cut funding for public library drastically, especially in Pennsylvania.  As a result not as many  children have access to the library story program. Which is why I came up with the idea of Stories on the Go.  And many day cares programs and pre-schools find it financially prohibitive to take a field trip to the library more that once a year.


     So, if you need stories where you are and the library isn't  I will I happily jump into my car with a bunch of them (some in my head and some in books!), my harp (and maybe another musical instrument), an artifact or two, my imagination, enthusiasm, a jar full of jokes, and show up wherever you want me to be.  I can tell and read stories and make music wherever you want me to:  museums, day care centers and preschools, after school programs, public schools, shops and stores (book stores are great spots for story times) , community centers, private homes and private parties for kids, neighborhood gatherings, and even .... public libraries!  I am happy to share stories and songs with anyone, grown ups, babies, toddlers, school age kids, home schoolers, senior citizens.  I find special needs children a delight to work with.  I will be happy to work with teachers to develop themes and create programs that meet your specific needs of the moment, or just show up and have fun.  Its up to you!

      Prices can vary so please contact me for pricing. And I will be happy to forward my clearances upon request.

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