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Welcome to my website.


     If this were medieval Ireland I would describe myself as a seanachaí -- an orally educated professional artist in the ancient Irish bardic tradition who combines the arts of storytelling, history, teaching, poetry, and music to transmit the culture to willing ears.  But this is the 21st century United States so instead I am a PhD folklorist and a semi-retired professional librarian who plays the neo-Irish harp (or Celtic, folk, or lever harp, depending on your point of view), a bit of guitar, piano, and kazoo.  I can, if forced, squeeze a tune out of an Irish button accordion.  I do this  while telling stories about people and/or artifacts, singing songs, or reading kids' books out loud to audiences of all ages. I use my voice as another instrument while I teach and entertain, sharing literate and oral knowledge that delights while it subtly instructs.

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